Thank you for visiting our wonderful dogs.  Whiskey and Keary have reminded us why dogs are man's (woman's) best friends.  As a child Ken had an English Shepherd and all he could remember was that he was a great dog to have on the farm, as a working dog and companion.  We thought that we would also like to have one of these great dogs he talked of, so we started looking and researching the breed only to find out that they were exactly what my dad spoke of.  During our hunt for that special dog we found two that we couldn't decide over so I decided that I would raise one and my mom (Michele) would raise the other.
Shell Rock English Shepherds is named after the river that my mom and I both live on (5 miles apart) in north central Iowa.  Even though Whiskey and Keary came from totally different parts of the US they play and get along like sibblings, good and bad.
We are also happy to annouce both dogs have recieved PRGN titles from the AWFA.

Our dogs love their sheep and the sheep don't mind even with their babies.
Whiskey fending off the naughty rooster!
Sally all grown up.
Atlas and Sally sharing secrets on the couch!
Tugg playing with his litter mates.