We also have Amanda's SAR beagle Cali, and two Norwich Terriers, Blair and Atlas.  I always thought my Norwich were my potato chip, bet you can't have just one, dogs untill I got my ES, but they are still an important part of the family.  Samantha works Atlas for OBD and Rally.Atlas has his CGC and Theropy Dog titles. Blair is a retired confirmation Champion with alot of heart and crittering drive.  She's a great teacher when it comes to finding moles, mice, and crums.  Atlas thinks he's a mighty herding dog, of course he always has Whiskey for backup.  Cali is a NASAR certified Type III trailing and has her CGC.

Shellrock's Cali Co Bean, aka Cali, at her first Manhunters Workshop.  Cali is a trailing dog.
Ceasar, enjoying his retired life as a farm dog. He passed away in 2008.
Sami and Atlas taking a break from training.
Blair, she is a great companion and lap dog for my Grandma.