Good Shepherds Cafe Latte aka Tater, is our New Years Eve arrival 2009.  Latte was bred by Amy Dorsch in IL, she's a bundle of energy and a joy especially during these winter storms.  She's my first tri colored ES, I can't convince anyone that she's a saddleback sable!  I really thought hard about adding another pup/dog to the house, but she's fit in extremely easy and I loved the pups Whiskey sired out of Jazzy who is Rudy's sister, Latte's sire.  So someday down the road my hopes are to have a wonderful litter sired by Whiskey out of Latte.  Wonder what they call coffee and whiskey?  Firewater?  Watch for more photos as I get them taken. Michele
Ellen sent me a great reply to my "firewater"  Coffee, milk, and Whiskey makes IRISH COFFEE how wonderful, thanks Ellen and Lizzie!  See puppies 2008

Amanda and Latte shortly after arriving in Clear Lake on Dec 30, 2009
Tater October
Dmitri's special puppy came back home the end of 
November 2010, Life changes for Pat and Joe left Addy unhappy as a town furkid, Pat and Joe being  loving animal people saw that and made loving  decision to return her to the country life she missed and loved.  I'm gratefull to them for sending her home.  She's truely an amazing returning member of the Shellrock family.  I look forward to someday  her having  the third generation of Shellrock ES.  Thank you Pat and Joe.
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